Review of Mendeley presentation.

Lorna Walker (Lecturer in Marketing at Regent’s College) has just done a quick demo of Mendeley http://www.mendeley.com/. She is using it to complete her Phd at the moment. It is a piece of software that is used for organising source material and creating references and bibliographies. Therefore its ideal when writing for  academic journals and articles. At the moment Mendeley is free to download and can be accessed online both via the PC version and apps for iPad nd iPhones (not sure about Blackberrys)

It’s very easy to upload journals, articles books or even web pages and Mendeley will ‘suck in’ their details, such as the authors, title, abstract etc. Once they are in Mendeley it is then possible to organise them into seperate topics or folders. The time-saving part is when you come to write your article. Mendeley will automatically import the relevant reference and then compile the bibliography thus saving loads of time! It has other further resources like a search facility and Group work that looks really interesting.

It seems to do everything that Endnote can do but is FREE!. Although the official college system Endnote has ‘cleaner’ links to the library’s databases. However the fact that Mendeley is independent of the institution does have its own advantages too.