We are running a Tricks of the Trade ‘greatest hits’ session this Friday 30th.

Regents College. Room D05.

We have bundled the most popular sessions together into  clusters as you can see below.

As always TOTT is very informal – you are welcome to drop in and out as you wish however we cannot say with any accuracy what time particular elements will be covered within a cluster so if you are interested in one or two elements of cloud computing (for instance) it’s probably worth trying to come to the whole session.

We will be in D05 for the whole day and hope to have tea and coffee available (think of it as Tricks of the Trade – deluxe edition).

Storing ideas / online scrapbooks (9.15-10.15)

  • Onenote (Matthias)
  • Evernote (Lorna)
  • Brain (Mikko)

This session will focus on different tools which you can use to take notes, make lists, manage projects, store ideas, organise information and share it with others. Using these tools can help you keep track of your research, manage your teaching materials, store useful information in any format (text, pictures, web pages, audio files, videos and so on) and generally act as a central repository for stuff, accessible anywhere.

Cloud and internet (10.30 – 11.45)

  • Dropbox (Lorna)
  • RSS feeds (Lorna)
  • Instapaper (Lorna)
  • iGoogle (Lorna)
  • iPhone / iPad apps (Lorna)

This session will show you how a number of different cloud-based services can help make various aspects of your life easier. Dropbox enables you to access and update your files from any computer – no more carrying lecture slides around on a USB stick. RSS feeds help you access information from the internet in an orderly and structured fashion and can also be used to add dynamic content to your Blackboard site. Instapaper allows you to save interesting web pages for reading later on your computer, phone, ipad or kindle – documents are stored offline so you can read them even if you don’t have internet access (on the tube, for instance). iGoogle enables you to personalise your google page with your calendar, social media streams, weather forecasts, newsfeeds and so on. All these services work in conjunction with one another and we will also look at a number of other iPhone / iPad-specific apps which help you to do similar things.

Social media and communication (12 – 13.30)

  • Facebook (Matthias)
  • Linkedin (Matthias)
  • Twitter (Matthias)

This session will provide a brief introduction to each of the three most commonly used social networking tools and discuss how they can be used personally and professionally within an academic context.

Academic research (14.00 – 15.15)

  • Mendeley (Lorna)
  • Endnotes (Michael)
  • Library databases (Michael)
  • Sharepoint  (Jason)

This session will present an overview of various tools which academics may find useful when working on their research. Mendeley is a free cloud-based reference management system which you can use to store all your pdfs, make notes on them, share them with colleagues, drop correctly-formatted references into word documents and which also acts as an academic social network enabling you to make contact with other researcher working in your field. Note, this tool is not supported by Regent’s College IT and as part of this session Library staff will also present an overview of Endnotes – the reference management tool which the College supports – alongside a demo of the main library databases. Jason Pittock will then close the session with an introduction to Sharepoint and the ways in which academics can use it for collaborative working.

Adding zing to lectures (15.30-16.30)

  • Helix (Tim)
  • Turning Point (Chris)
  • Camtasia (Bryony)

The day will close with an introduction to some of the tools available for you to use to add zing to your lectures. Helix is the College’s new media server. Turning Point is a clicker-based voting system which you can use to add live quizzes, questions and voting to your powerpoint slides to make your lectures more interactive. Camtasia is screen capture software which you can use to record your lectures, give students feedback and add short training videos to Blackboard.

If you have any questions about any of the above don’t hesitate to ask Chris Rowell or Lorna Walker.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday.