James Leahy gave a brief demonstartion on Helix http://www.realnetworks.com/helix/streaming-media-server/ the new media server at Regent’s College.

Its seems really easy to upload videos to Helix and then once they are on the server it will generate a HTML code so that it can be embedded into Blackboard.

The server is ‘up and running’ so that staff can use it now so contact myself, James or Bryony if you wan to use it.

The demo also generated a short discussion on copywrite issues, so here are Regent’s College’s guideline to staff:

Copyright and Video

Copyright laws exist to protect the rights of a work’s creator. UK law, and the terms of our Educational Recording Agency licence, regulate our use of video material.

You may record and make available via Blackboard video and radio content from:

  •  Freeview television channels, under ERA+ licence – for educational and noncommercial purposes.
  •  BBC Radio (under ERA+ licence as above).

All such material must always be clearly credited according to the ERA labelling requirements

It must only be accessed via Blackboard, so that it is viewed by authenticated users only. The licence applies to students on-site and to UK-based distance learners.

 You may also record and upload:

  •  Material to which you own the copyright.
  • Video content where you have been given explicit written permission by the copyright holder.
  • Old television or radio programmes whose copyright has expired – usually fifty years after broadcast.

There are restrictions on some video materials:

  • Material from BBC iPlayer, Channel Four’s 4oD etc. may not be recorded, copied or uploaded, as it is not covered by the ERA licence.
  • Open University content may not be recorded, copied or uploaded.

You may embed video from YouTube.com or similar. However, videos are sometimes uploaded to these sites without copyright holders’ permission. If you suspect that a video is infringing copyright law, do not use it.
Feature films require explicit written permission from the copyright holders.

These may be film studios rather than a film’s writer or director.

Contact the Electronic Resources Librarian, Michael Loran loranm@regents.ac.uk,for further clarification.

ERA Plus Licence terms: http://url.ie/93kd

ERA Frequently Asked Questions page: http://www.era.org.uk/faqs.html

The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988: http://url.ie/93kf