In this week’s Tricks of the Trade session we tried out a webinar using Blackboard Collaborate. A small but enthusiastic group of staff came to the session where myself and Bryony Bramer, the VLE Manager at Regent’s College did a short demonstration of conducting a webinar. From her office, Bryony uploaded a Powerpoint presentation (on the features of Bb Collaborate) and then talked her way through the slides. As she did this she tried out the interactive feature, such as the text messaging, voting facilities, using the icons (lol, applause etc), adding text/highlights to the slides and moving from the Powerpoint slides to displaying what was on her pc screen (the BBC news on our glorious weather!). Finally she looked at the portential benefits to staff and students of using this type of technology in a learning context. http://www.blackboard.com/Platforms/Collaborate/Products/Blackboard-Collaborate/Web-Conferencing.aspxA

After the presentation there followed a short discussion amongst the staff on how Bb Colaborate could be used on their courses. We also discussed its usefulness for have online staff meeting, this could be especially useful for sessional lecturers who find it diffiicult to attend meeting on campus.

We are going to trial it again with ‘real’ students (and their French lecturer, Karine) and someone giving a presentation from Switzerland next Thursday morning….watch this space for a report back on how it went!

Blackboard Collaborate