Michael Loran did a great ‘Tricks of the Trade’ presentation on Endnote today. Firstly, he showed how to access Endnote via its software on the pc and via CITRIX. Next he gave us a tour of the software; showing the library, organising groups and how to search for authors or items.

Also we looked at exporting references from data bases, mainly from  the EBSCO platform. This seemed a relatively straightforward process to master. The final part of the presentation was probably this most important, the Word Plugin. Michael gave a demo of the ‘Endnote X5’ plugin in Word, how to insert citations into a document. Overall a really useful demonstartion!

We also had time to discuss how we could promote its use in the College. Maybe producing Camtasia videos on Endnote or doing more hands on sessions with the students.

Endnote Tate Library 2012


YouTube video – ‘How To Use EndNote in 7 Minutes’ –  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5Kn8l2rgqk