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Anabel Gutierrez (Senior Lecturer in ICT at Regent’s College) did an excellent session in this week’s Tricks of the Trade. In it she covered what is meant by ‘Assessment as a Learning Process’, how to use Peer Review as a learning Process and demonstarted how she had done this usining Turnitin which is fully integrated into the Blackboard VLE.

What was great about the presentation is that she started with the pedagogy and not with the technology. She outlined her model:

Assessment Criteria…..(followed by)…..Essay submission….(followed by)…..Peer Review…..(followed by)……Lecturer feedback.

The first task for the students was to submit a one page essay to Turnitin so that the students could get familiar witht the assessment process. So that when they completed the the Peer Review within Turnitin they understood what they were doing and how this would be benficial to others in the class.

Annabel gave a brief demo of how to set up a Turnitin Peer Review assignment in Blackboard and then showed us some examples of students comments.

The technical process of setting up the Turnitin assignment is relatively straight forward….the more difficult bit is writing the review questions. These questions were based on the marking criteria of the assignment but must be written in such a way that it forces the students to give constructive feedback rather than just ‘yes’ or ‘no answers.

One useful suggestion came from the audience…..Dominic Laffy suggested that it would be possible to upload students essays (say, a ‘good’ and a ‘bad’ example) from a previous class and then get students to peer review them. This could help them to understand the marking criteria better and in turn produce a better essay.

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