Mark Dickinson (ESL Lecturer at Regent’s College) did a really interesting TOTT session yesterday on using the interactive white board (IWB) to create classroom activitities.

He got the audience to engage in several activities:

1. Writing names in a table. The first activitity was just asking the audience members to come up the IWB and add their name and answer the question ‘Have you used the IWB before’…this was a good opening activity as it got people out of their seats straightaway.

2. Next Mark had a picture oof the Japanese and Greek Flags on the IWB and then he asked the question ‘Which country has the biggest national debt as a percentage of GDP’. The answer was then revealed by moving the flag and revealing the percentage ‘underneath’ the flag. This was followed up with the class jointly working out how this was done…by right-clicking on the image and selecting the option that would ‘bring it to the front’. Simple but effective.

3. The next activity involved a class member writing up answers from the whole class on; ‘What are the important factors in starting up a business?’. Mark used the option to ‘hide’ half the screen which revealed a second instruction ‘ order these answers into priorities’….this allowed Mark then to ‘drag’ and reorder the answers and number them. Impressive!

3. The third activity was answering the question ‘What are the issues in avoiding tax’ . Here Mark embeded  a video on this topic. This was followed by a brief demonstation on how this was done.

4. The final activity involved ‘Moving words into different categories’. Mark had two headings with different word endings eg ‘id’ . Then the class had to move a word to the appropriated heading, eg ‘wanted’ was moved to the heading ‘id’. Again what was impressive was that Mark had embedded the sound of the word endings into the word (using an mp3 file). So that when you touched the word you heard the sound..very cool.

5. Finally Mark pointed out the advantages of using IWB’s, which can be very briefly summarised as:

  • Interactive
  • Incorporates different learning styles
  • Upload to Blackboard
  • It’s Fun!

Overall it was an excellent session, very practical and interactive! I also recorded the session using Camtasia so will put the video on the College’s Bb TOTT module.