Recently we organised  a live demonstration of Blackboard Collaborate to conduct a Webinar. Karine Mangion (Lecturer in French) invited Snezana Neff, Learning and Development Manager at Syngenta to give a talk about the ‘Language Management Stragegy of Sygentia’ to her students. The talk lasted for 50 minutes during which the audience asked her questions, which made it a interactive experience for both  the presenter and the audience. After the session Karine commentated that “It was a great first attempt and hopefully we would have the opportunity to use BLackboard Collaborate in the near future!”. Amparo Lallana (Acting Head of Department of Languages and Cross-cultural Studies) was also a participant in the Webinar,”It was fascinating to hear Snezena presenting her company to us all the way from Bern (Switzerland) and learn about a world-leading company in the agribusiness and their Language Management Strategy. It was particularly captivating to realize how interactive a webinar can be and Snezana had plenty of questions to answer as she went along her presentation”.

Amparo also noted “Webinars open new and exciting opportunities for content delivery. And what makes it more exciting is that –in spite of the physical distance-  it enables full interaction (written and/or oral) with the audience. I can envisage that webinars such as this one hosted in Blackboard (Blackboard Collaborate) will have a place in the faculty”.