Alice Bell at IET is conducting some research on education Blogs. You can email your answers to Or you can cut and paste it to post it on your blog with your answers and then send the link to her:

What do you blog about? So far, education and technology, staff training and TEL and cycling

Are you paid to blog? No

What do you do professionally (other than blog)? work as a Technology Enhanced Learning Advisor

How long have you been blogging at this site? just 3 months

Do you write in other platforms? (e.g. in a print magazine?) No not really, just done a few Journal articles and book reviews

Can you remember why you started blogging? Yes just wanted somewhere I could ‘put my ideas down’ and hopefully get a reaction from other people who do similar work to me

What keeps you blogging? Its early days yet but have been pleased that I’m getting some comments on my Blog

Do you have any idea of the size or character if your audience? How? Just from the WordPress Stats…i’ve had 410 hits so far….didn’t have any idea how many I was expecting but this seems like a good start

What’s your attitude to/ relationship with people who comment on your blog? Some colleagues at work and some people in SEDA (who I am a member of)….none who I didn’t know

Do you feel as if you fit into any particular community, network or genre of blogging? (e.g. schools, science, education, museums, technology) its early days yet but a ‘learning Technology’ community….but I don’t think I’m fully tapped into it yet….also those interested in TEL at my workplace (Regent’s College)

If so, what does that community give you? not fully sure yet  but at work I had some great suggestions for future training sessions

What do you think are the advantages of blogging? What are its disadvantages/ limitations? advs: for ‘Recording my ideas’ is a major thing and providing a space where i can ideas from my colleagues at work. Disadv’s: …..not joking but none so far…but give me time:)

Do you tell people you know offline that you’re a blogger? (e.g. your grandmother, your boss) told a couple of people at work, told my Dad who smiled and changed the subject…..Oh well…

Is there anything else you want to tell me about I haven’t asked?….. would like to see the results of the whole survey