Below are some recommendations to make some changes to the SEDA website. It’s worth just giving a few lines on why I think it’s necessary to do so. Firstly, it will give SEDA a much higher profile in Colleges and Universities for very little additional expense. Most of these recommendations would not cost very much to install. We would need to contact the web site provider and get a quote for these changes. Secondly, SEDA ‘tag line’ is ‘supporting and leading educational change’, whilst we do not have the resources to be at the cutting edge of technological change we should be using these well established means of social media. Finally, these recommendations would enhance the core activities of SEDA activities, such as conferences and publications, but also bring SEDA to a much wider audience.

 1. Install Google Analytics. This would really give us a much better understanding of how our web site is being used. Which in turn, would give us the necessary information on how to manage and improve it.

2. Share this page icons at the bottom of each page (Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Dig, Delicious)

3. Have a ‘Follow SEDA on Twitter’ icon.

4. Install Tag cloud

5. Install RSS feed

6. Have a ‘Get Involved’ section.

7. Re-launch the SEDA blog. (maybe link it to ‘Educational Developments’ and have guest bloggers from our SEDA membership)

8. Make the SEDA twitter feed more official (ie give it a SEDA email address…)

9. Provide training  for the SEDA office staff on these facilities (esp. Twitter)

10. Make SEDA conferences more prominent on the website

….any comments?