Lorna Walker gave an excellent introductory talk on using livescibe at this week’s Tricks of the Trade session.

It consisted of:

1. What is Livescribe?

2. How does it work?

3. Applications.

4. Cost.

5. Other similar things.

What is Livescribe?

Livescribe is a Pen which records audio and handwriting.  At first sight the Livescribe pen looks a bit too large to use but it actually feels Ok when you start using it. So that when your writing notes its also recording the spoken word. It uses special paper to convert your notes into a PDF with attached audio. You can then play back the audio by touching any part of the notes. Consequently hanwritten files are searchable and these files can be stored on a PC or the Clouds. Finally Livescibe automatically syncs with other systems such as, Endnote or Onenote.


The are some obvious applicationa for using Livescibe. For students it would be useful for taking notes in lessons or lecturers. For staff its useful for taking minutes in Meeings and for researchers its great for taking interview notes.


The latest costs of the pen varies from £75 to £95. The software is free and the notebooks cost £10 for 4.

Similar things

Livescribe is a unique product in the market. They also do Moleskin version of their notebooks. Alternatively, but not exactly the same type of thing it is possible to use the Ipad to take notes notes using the  Soundnote app. Evernote can also store audio in a similar way.