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A couple of weeks ago I have a really good meeting with Andy (from the Library) and Tom (from Media Services) to discuss our forthcoming ‘Managers +1’ meeting.

We brain stormed quite a few ideas but eventually settled on “Is the Personal Professional? A look at how we use social media” as our title for the forthcoming meeting, in other words  “how the line between professional and personal becomes blurred”.

We had a good discussion around several issues, and Andy summarised the main points as:

What are the potential implications of social media use on recruitment?

Should there be – and can there be – separation of one’s personal and professional identity online?

What should Learning Resources’s (LR) policy be regarding our use of social media?

How can LR guide users of the social media resources we provide to use them wisely?

What branding should there be of our official LR social media identities, and what “voice” should they have?

What is needed to maintain an individual or organization’s successful social media presence? (e.g. Having enough content, monitoring responses and replying)

What are the legal implications of social media use? (e.g. contracts, HR issues)

Implications for organizations in general and Regent’s College Learning Resources in particular.

Finally we agreed to do a short presentation each focusing on 3 examples of social media that LR could use:

Andy – Twitter

Using own Twitter feed and other examples, looking at the balance between personal and professional content, the user’s “voice”, advantages and risks of tweeting.

Chris – blogging

Using this  blog and other examples, looking at similar issues as above. Andy also supplied me some recent examples (not just from HE), such as, La Petite Anglaise http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2007/mar/30/news.france. and Dooce, – on losing her job over her blog http://dooce.com/about/

Tom – Youtube

Using own videos plus other examples, looking at setting access levels, some legal issues, how content can be re-transmitted once it is uploaded.

I think I need to look at these issues in more detail once I’ve done a little more research. Hopefully once I’ve done this it will form the basis of Part 2 of “Is the personal Professional”?

Nb Many thanks to @fechbuch for summarising the discussion and recording it in such a precise and systematic way (ever thought of doing that as a job?).