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WebBrainI am currently working with MiKko Arevuo (Lecturer in Strategic Management here at Regent’s College) on a project called TheBrain.http://www.thebrain.com/is a ‘3D’ mapping tool which Mikko is using a repository for his teaching.

I applied and received a Research Grant from Regent’s College last year which paid for the WebBrain licence and allowed some emission from Mikko’s teaching commitments.

Mikko set up the TheBrain for his module in  Sept 2011 and used it throughout the semester as the main way his students would access their resources. The resources consisted of Lectures (Powerpoint presentations), Handout (Word documents and links to articles) and links to YouTube videos.

The evaluation process of the WebBrain so far has consisted of a Student questionnaire handed out to the students : Webbrain_questionnaire-1 with comments – 23rd Oct. The results of the questionnaire were collated using EvaSys http://www.evasys.co.uk/start.html Here are the results of the questionnaire Results of WebBrain Questionnaire – Nov 2012, I then summarised these results into a shorter summary, WebBrain Questionnaire Summary – Dec 2012.

The next stage is to interview Mikko, here my interview questions, WebBrain Interview questions. I will interview Mikko in the next week or two.

This semester the aim is to repeat the module again using the WeBrain as the main resources for students and repeat the questionnaire and interview. We have also created a Guide for Students – Feb 2013 to be distributed at the start of term. I think it will also be worthwhile getting together some student focus groups if we have time.