Had a great meeting with Karine Mangion (Lecturer in French) who is planning to use the MAPP planning system with her students this semester.


According to their website, “Mapp is a visual mapping process that can provide a simple and easy way to make sense of planning.
Mapp is regularly used to develop top level strategies but the same mechanism and process can be applied to any multi-decision process where ownership of the implementation of decisions is dispersed and difficult to monitor. Mapp allows any plan to be created, communicated, monitored and evaluated simply and quickly”
Karine is planning to use it with her students on a group assignment that will be handed-in in May. Its will be interesting to see how effective it is in facilitating and encouraging students to work in smal teams to meet a deadline.
We plan to evaluate the ‘project’ by doing a student questionnaire the week after they hand in their group assignment with maybe a student focus group on their experience. I think it will also be worthwhile interviewing Karine on her experience too.
Watch this space for further details and updates of the evaluation.