copyright360I’ve started to work on  producing a copyright guide for lecturers at Regent’s University and I thought I’d start with some typical questions. So, myself and Andy Horton (Deputy Library Manager) came up with the following list. If you can think of anything we’ve missed can you add a comment.

1.What is copyright? 

2. Can I copy images from the internet and use them in my PowerPoint slides? 

3. Can I upload DVD’s to Blackboard? 

4. Can I upload a clip of a DVD to Blackboard? 

5. Can I upload to photo from the internet to my Blackboard module? 

6. What is a Creative commons Licence? 

7. Does Regent’s College provide any training on copyright? 

8. Can I scan and upload pages from a book to my Blackboard module? 

9. Can I use an image as art work for my video and upload it to Blackboard? 

10. Can I upload a DVD to Helix or blackboard? 

11. Can I upload a Journal article to Blackboard? 

12. Can I photo copy a book and give it to my students? 

13. Somebody gave me something can I photocopy it or put it on Blackboard? 

14. I took a photo – can I put it on Blackboard? 

15. Can I upload a podcast to Blackboard? 

16. I recorded a conversation I had with someone – Can I share it with my students in the classroom or Blackboard? 

17. Can I put some background music from my favourite CD on a video? 

18. Can I use a logo on a student handout or upload it to Blackboard? 

19. Can I put a quote from someone famous on my powerpoint slide? 

20. Can I quote something from twitter and put it on a student handout? 

21. Can I take text from a website and use it in a handout? 

22. Can I put a link to a website on my Blackboard module? 

23. If I own a eBook can I upload it to Blackboard? 

24. If I’m an author of an eBook can I upload it to Blackboard 

25. Can I use anything I download from YouTube 

26. Can I upload a newspaper article to Blackboard? 

27. Can I upload a picture/photo from a newspaper to Blackboard? 

28. What is the worst that can happen if I break copyright?