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One of the most common comments I get from staff at my University is that they don’t have time to come to training sessions…so over the last few months I’ve created some training videos using the Vine app on my iPhone. Vine was created to enable the user to make six second videos that will be automatically twitted out to your followers. Here are few examples:

keeping to the 6 seconds is the most difficult bit and obviously limits the training but it’s still worth doing. They will reach a limited audience if they are just tweeted out once so I’ve started to embed them into the Uni’s VLE under the FAQ’s page….I’m just testing them out at the moment so it’s too early to say what impact they’ve had but they are really easy to make and embed into Blackboard.

I will follow-up this post up with further examples and some screen shots of how I’ve embedded them into our VLE at a later date…watch this space!