Following on from an initial idea I had a while ago and posted here, https://totallyrewired.wordpress.com/2013/06/24/6-second-training-for-academics/ I have made a series of video using the Vine app for staff to train themselves to use Blackboard. Vine has been around for a little while now and the ‘beauty’ of it is that it’s really easy to use – just click on it and it automatically ‘tweets’ out a seven second video of what you have just recorded.

So myself and Alana Kane (VLE Content Developer here at Regent’s Uni) have made 30 videos:

  1. Add an announcement
  2. How to turn ‘Edit’ mode on
  3. Add a file
  4. Add an item
  5. Add an image
  6. Link to a web page
  7. Add a folder
  8. Add a YouTube video
  9. Add a Helix video
  10. Create a Test
  11. Create a survey
  12. Add a Blackboard assignment
  13. Add a Turnitin assignment
  14. Retrieve a Blackboard Assinment
  15. Retrieve a Turnitin assignment
  16. How to send an email to your students
  17. Send a Voice email
  18. Create a new content area
  19. How to ‘hide’ a content area from students
  20. How to rename a content area
  21. How to create a group in Blackboard
  22. How to see the class list of your module
  23. How to copy a course
  24. How to access Blackboard ‘Help” for staff
  25. How to access Programme Handbooks
  26. How to search the library for a book
  27. How to create a Wiki
  28. How to create a Blog
  29. How to delete content
  30. How to switch from one course to another?

Because Vine is so quick to use we made all of these videos in less than hour! They got tweeted out on my account but I have also uploaded them to YouTube and Regent’s Blackboard. In fact it’s not necessary to use Vine because I think its biggest use will be lecturers watching them in the Blackboard Training area, which they all had access too. Having the 7 second limit really has forced me to really condense the content. Also Vine puts the videos on a loop, which is also something I have done in Blackboard. It will be interesting to see if lecturers what them and whether they think they are useful!

For my other Blackboard training resources click here: