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Today myself and Bryony Bramer did a short demonstration to staff on the new Rosetta Stone integration into Blackboard, here at Regent’s University (London).

Here is the ‘Checklist’ of things we demonstrated:

  1. Log into Rosetta Stone from Blackboard. We have installed the a new LTI building block into Regent’s Blackboard which then takes the learner out of Blackboard and into Rosetta’s website. The ‘building block’ works really well and means the learner doesn’t have sign into Rosetta again. Also it will take the learner back to the last activity they were completing, the previous time they used Rosetta Stone. Here is how it looks in Blackboard:

25-09-2013 14-46-32

2. Set up microphone. Quick demo to show how to set up the Microphone  – very easy to do:)

3. Demo-ed 3 lesson activities: Pronunciation, Vocabulary and Grammar……. Full list also includes, Listening and Reading, Speaking, Writing, Listening. This is where the demo starts to get interesting as we are actually showing the learning process.

4. Next we showed some other features on Rosetta’s dashboard;

Show speech analysis tool:

24-09-2013 14-43-48

Demo-ed ‘Milestone’ (basically the tests at the end of each level).

Show ‘All activities for Unit 1’ (at the bottom of the page).

5. Show the following buttons:

24-09-2013 12-52-40