Yesterday James Leahy (VLE Content Developer) did a quick presentation on Helix, Regent’s University media Library.


Here are the slides from the session:

James did a quick overview of the Helix dashboard and explained the process of uploading a video to Helix. Next, he showed the Blackboard mash-up where you can embed a Helix video into blackboard. So far so good:) Perhaps the most interesting part of the talk was the discussion of the ‘future developments’. James mentioned 4 things:

‒Chapter points

‒Sub-categories E.G. Languages > Spanish

‒Increase to 2GB upload limit

‒Video Uploaded Directly via Blackboard

Chapter points is the ability to divide up the video and add notes. Sub-categories are long overdue, so under the general heading of ‘Languages’ we could have sub-categories of all the languages we offer, Spanish, French, Italian and so on. The video upload limit will increase from 1 to 2 GB with the latest upgrade and finally but probably most importantly there will be an upgrade to the latest Blackboard (Helix) building block. The new building block will allow lecturers to up upload videos directly to Blackboard at the same time as they embed them into Blackboard!

This should be all up and running in the next couple of weeks!