Lorna Walker (Senior Lecturer in Marketing at Regent’s University) gave an excellent talk and demonstration today on using Camtasia in her teaching.
Camtasia is loaded onto every pc here at Regent’s Uni. In Camtasia itself, there is some very sophisticated editing facilities but Lorna rarely uses them. Lorna has been using Camtasia in two ways in the last couple of years; one with videos designed to be used with students and secondly, with videos to be viewed by staff.
Student videos. Recorded a general video explaining to the students what is in the Blackboard module and how to navigate around the Bb module. Produced videos showing how to use the blog facility in Bb, also videos answering the FAQ’s about the course, ‘How do I include a image in my blog’, ‘How do I add a new post to my blog?’ When those questions are coming multiple times it is just easier to record a short video.
Lorna has also experimented with recording crucial parts of the lecture but now she also records all of her lectures. It’s really useful for picking out key concepts and making short 2 or 3 minute videos. Students are very unlikely to watch a whole one hour lecture. Especially useful for making videos around things that are very visual, making a video analysing an advert.
This term Lorna has started to make videos for staff, there are 6 lecturers who teach on her ‘Principles of Marketing’ modules so instead of sending long emails on how to give students feedback on their Blackboard blogs she has made videos for the lectures on how to do this.
Lorna then demonstrated some examples of both student and staff videos she had made and then uploaded them to her Blackboard module. (especially liked her video on Pinterest!)
Lorna ended by noting the ‘things that come of’ her experience of using Camtasia. 1. Check that the sound is ‘on’ whist recording! 2. Write a list of bullet points or use a story board whist recording the videos. 3. Keep the videos shorts 2 or 3 minutes. 4 You can set Blackboard up to tell you who has viewed the video. 5. You can make watching a video a prerequisite for something else. 6. You can also provide a transcript of the video in Bb (you can also YouTube to do this automatically).
Overall a good session with some very practical examples of how to use Camtasia in her teaching!