SASThe first SAS Careers Fair was held last week with great success as it brought together academics, students and industry to have a conversation about the growing demand for analytical skills, as indicated by the 2013 eSkills UK report on ‘Big Data Analytics’:  http://www.sas.com/apps/sim/redirect.jsp?detail=TR19551

At Regent’s University London, we are addressing this demand by providing our undergraduate business students with modules from our Competitive Business Intelligence Major that will allow them to view business problems from data perspective and extract knowledge from data for decision making. http://www.regents.ac.uk/study/undergraduate-study/programmes/ba-hons-international-business.aspx

We are also offering a new MSc Digital Marketing and Analytics that blends marketing, technology and analytics to prepare graduates to be effective marketing managers where digital analytics plays a central role. http://www.regents.ac.uk/study/postgraduate-study/programmes/msc-digital-marketing-analytics.aspx

GUTIERREZAFor further details contact Dr Anabel Gutierrez:

Email: gutierreza@regents.ac.uk

Twitter: @anabelsgm