Adel Gordon from University of Northampton gave a quick demo of Mosaic the new campus app at the recent London Blackboard User Group meeting.

Blackboard moved to the Moasic app six months ago replacing the Mobile Central app. Mosaic has many improvements on the old version but the most important is that it’s possible for the institution or university to update the app without submitting the changes to the app stores.


However things changed drastically at Northampton Uni where there was a major restructuring which made it difficult to involve everyone in updating the Mosaic app. so Adel showed a couple of Mosaic apps from two unis in the US, as the Northampton one wasn’t ready yet.

One of the main features of Mosaic was the idea that you have modules within the ‘springboard’ of the app. So the newsfeed might be RSS feed from the Unis website. There are links to photos, to Flickr and other photo sharing sites, videos – to YouTUbe, Event, Get Help/Emergency – numbers to student services,  Athletics (which could be renamed Sports), Maps, Courses – links to various courses on the uni site (Sharepoint), Directory, Library systems.

Adel then gave a quick demo of the Maps and Places  function in Mosaic.

For further details see the Mosaic site: