RS 260I’m starting to think about evaluating Rosetta Stone next term. Rosetta Stone Manager will provide us with the quantifiable data on how many people have been using Rosetta since we installed it in Blackboard in September. However, my aim is also to investigate how students and staff are using Rosetta and to do this I need to speak to the users and do some recorded interviews. I’ve identified that I have four different groups of users within the university:

  1. Language students
  2. language lecturers
  3. Non- language students
  4. Non-language staff

… and I think the interview questions will need to reflect the different interests of these groups. Katie Tiller who works at Rosetta sent me some questions which I’ve include below but I thought I’d start with the general topic areas first and then think of the specific questions afterwards…..the topic areas I’m starting with include:

  1. Background information(about the student/staff)
  2. Using Rosetta Stone
  3. Application of Rosetta Stone

These questions are just a stating point I will come back to them and revise them in the new year:

background information.

Age/gender/nationality etc

What course are you  studying/teaching at Regent’s?

What course are you  teaching at Regent’s?

Have you used Rosetta Stone or any other online language pack before?

Using Rosetta Stone software

Which languages are you  learning with Rosetta Stone and why?

What level have you achieved so far in Rosetta Stone?

How often do you access the program?

Is it easy to navigate through the course?

What time(s) of the day/week do you use the program?

What do you like about learning in Rosetta Stone?

What do you NOT like about learning in Rosetta Stone?

How often do you access the program?

What time(s) of the day/week do you use the program?

Have you used Rosetta Stones app? If so, ….

Did you enjoy using Rosetta Stone?

Was it difficult to find the time to use Rosetta Stone?

Application of Rosetta Stone

Has using Rosetta Stone helped you with your in class language course?

Give an example of a time you have used what you have learned with the program?

How will your new language skills help you in the future?

What tips can you provide to your peers on how they can also take advantage of this opportunity?

If you had the opportunity would you recommend Rosetta Stone to a friend or colleague?