BYOD4L Capture

If your interested in mobile learning its worth having a look at a new (free) online course that is being offered from 27th to 31st January 2014 The overall aim of the course is to:

“To provide students and teachers a range of opportunities to explore the use of smart devices for learning and teaching in their professional context in an immersive, open and collaborative environment”.

The course will investigate 5 different topics in relation to mobile learning:

  1. Connecting
  2. Communicating
  3. Curating
  4. Collaborating
  5. Creating

“Everything in the course “BYOD4Learning is a truly open course, or an ‘open magical box’ for those who don’t like the term ‘course’ very much, for students and teachers (nothing is locked away or private and you won’t even need to register) who would like to develop their understanding, knowledge and skills linked to using smart devices for learning and teaching and use these more effectively, inclusively and creatively”.

Have a look at this short video to give you a flavour of the course: