Surprising and interesting…..

BYOD4L intranet

The most surprising thing that happened on Day 1 was organising a meeting of my colleagues here at Regent’s University to discuss the BYOD4L course. To be honest it was very last minute thing. I had I brief telephone conversation with Andrew Middleton on Friday afternoon and he said he was going to organise a f2f meeting at his uni. I quickly wrote an intranet article and booked a room for Monday, I wasn’t really expecting anyone to turn up at such short notice. However, 6 people turned up – two of them I’ve never met before. I gave a brief overview of the course and we had a fruitful discussion. We’ve decided to meet again on Friday to have a further discussion and maybe decide on doing something else in the future.

The second thing that I found really interesting was the twitter chat in the evening…or should I call it a ‘twitter storm’! Between 8 and 9pm last night participants and facilitators joined up to discuss the first topic ‘Connecting’. The facilitators asked a series of questions, like ‘What mobile devices do you use?’ ,’What apps do you use?’,  and then people a tweeted an answer. It was crazy! Tweets came flooding in from everyone – it was great! To make a comparison to a classroom situation it was like the teacher splitting the class into small groups and then asking everyone to answer a series of questions…sometimes this is a crazy activity when everyone is fully engaged, as the noise level grows and people become excited by the discussion. The ‘text storm’ felt like this…it was exhilarating!

Sometimes it was a bit tricky following all the tweets and I think its worth discussing what learning is actually taking place in this ‘tweet storm’. When your in the classroom you can wonder round and monitor the dicussion and give advice and direction. This was happening online too – to some extent. Also in a f2f situation its easy to pull the discussion together and maybe some up the important points at the end. Again, maybe we can do this by using ‘Storify’ and people blogging about the discussion. Still all very interesting and maybe its not helpfull to compare a online dicussion with f2f activities?

Looking forward to this evening’s chat using some good technology: