BYOD4L Capture

I’ve got 15mins to do this blog as I have to dash to another Induction session…..at least I’m doing it on my mobile!!!

The Twitter discussion went well on Day 2 – lots of contributions and interesting points –

Day 2

One issue was that not everyone was getting the questions (including myself) – pretty sure this is a Twitter problem its happened to me on other occassions.

Day 2 - 2

One solution –  in tonight’s session (note to Ola if your read this!) is we need to repeat the question from different people.

Also found a great resource from someone last night – sorry can’t remember who – on Evernote Skitch:


Finally I need to think about and write down some more detailed thoughts on these Twitter discussions when I have time…

Some question: Is there any learning taking place?…there is some interaction but its limited ….is it just a glorified way of doing a survey?….would it work in a different context? How do stop getting lost in it? Was it fun?Creative?repeatable?

anyway on to day three…..