Curating 2

Day 3 – Curating

Wow this was the day myself and Ola facilitated the Twitter discussion in the evening…It’s quite stressful the first time your are the facilitator in the Twitter discussions! We had a few apologies at the start – not surprising as this is day three and doing it every night is a big commitment. The discussion was a bit slower than the previous two nights but lots of great points and interesting tools mentioned. Will go back and have a look at the time line again over the weekend. The difficult big is responding to so many different issues…just one Tweet takes a few minutes to read,process and respond to – then you look up a and another 10 tweets come in rising whole new bunch of issues!

The plan of action was that Ola tweeted out the questions using the MELSIG account and then I tweeted them again using my personal account. I think this worked as nobody as far as I know said they missed the questions. Before the sessions these were the prearranged questions (although I had a couple extra if we needed them):

Q1 What does curating mean to you?

Q2 What mobile device(s)/tool(s) do you use to curate teaching and learning content?

Q3 What apps or platforms do you use to curate teaching and learning content?

Q4 What sorts of things do you curate?

Q5 How do get others to engage with your curated content?

Q6 What tools do you use to curate useful information/content?

I think someone will do the storify for this session. Day 4’s topic will be on Collaborating, check it out here:


Ps Whilst searching for an Image on ‘curating’ I see that Google now  give you the option to search for images that are ‘labeled for reuse’ (see image above).