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Using different online tools its worth checking to see who actually looking at them but it can also be addictive. Over the last week’s I’ve found myself checking these figures when I’m a bit bored – but am I loosing a bit of perspective?

This Blog (WordPress) : 12,000+

BlipPhoto: 30,227

Slideshare: 53,997 views

Twitter: Tweets, 10,000+ Followers 339

….Plus YouTube channel , Tumblr, Flickr, Vine, Just Giving What is the point of these interactions? Surely the main benefit of all these tools is the collaborative nature of them. Obviously, Twitter is great for interactions but so is my WordPress blog – I think I need to start changing how I use the is blog – how can I make it more interactive and collaborative? This is equally true for Blipfoto which is more a ‘fun’ thing for me to do but I love the comments I get here too:)