TOTT- Carlos

Carlos started his talk by first making the point that anyone using an iPad in a meeting has to feel confident using it otherwise it’s really not worth using. Also you need to be confident using the applications (apps) before you start using them in a meeting.“The iPad has brought a revolution to the meeting”. Things have evolved and changed. Paper documents have been replaced by laptops and then iPads and Tablets. In the past if you brought a laptop to a meeting your body or faced would be hidden by the screen but this is no longer the case with an iPad and this an important change.
Carlos has a series of apps that he uses in the meetings. Most importantly Microsoft OneNote which is linked the University’s active directory account so you log in with your usual username and password (so this is synced with your email, printing etc). Carlos has other tools that he uses too, for example, EverNote. So this first step is usually to open then the documents that have been sent to you via email. Carlos then did a quick demo of OneNote – which is basically where he store and records his meeting notes
For him there are four key areas that he need to track in each meeting
• My to-dos or actions (hopefully not many)
• Other attendees ( hopefully longer than my list)
• Reference material gathered during the meeting could be useful for future references
• Date of next meeting

Absolute Board
The other apps that are useful are apps for drawing diagrams and doodles:
• Absolute Board
• Layers Pro
• Muji Note
• Penultimate

Muji Note
Carlos finished his talk with some key tips:
• Make sure the battery has enough power 😉
• As slow as typist as you might be, don’t bring your bluetooth keyboard or your iPad keyboard dock with you to meetings — if you need to do this you might as well bring your laptop. Just defeats the purpose of a tablet and he noise typing could be a distraction and annoying Also the power will be a lot quicker to go.
• Make sure you are connected to the WiFi before you start taking note
• Mute your iPad, especially the clicky key sounds if you use those. Check point number 2
• Don’t check your email while in the meeting. Only open the Mail app if you need to search for an old email during the meeting. Trust me you will start to get confused an distracted with other things…
• Before the meeting starts make sure you open all the apps that you think you will use and get them in the spot you want them. For me I open OneNote and create a new note for that meeting. I also like to open Evernote and Filamente and favourite any files that I think I may need to open so that they are then stored locally on the iPad.
• Clean your iPad screen prior to the meeting. Nobody will want to look at a drawing done on your iPad if they see greasy finger prints and spittle marks all over the screen — nobody.
• Always ask the person running the meeting if they mind that you use the iPad to take notes. I typically don’t do this if I know the people well because I already know their comfort level, but if you are meeting with a new group asking doesn’t hurt.
• Don’t forget to save things ….

Next week’s TOTT will be a more detailed description of OneNote (Weds. 26th March 13.00 Room D03).