Collaborate 2

These are some brief notes from our Blackboard Collaborate training session today:

1.We had a look at the following panels to start with: 

Audio Set up wizard

Participants panel (Motocons, step away button)

Chat Room (Supervised Chat – Moderator can see everything!) – Participant (student) Moderator (presenter)

2. Next we looked at the Moderator Interface – Whiteboard – Tool bar – One click easy clear bar…

3. Customise your view – How do you move the Panels (drag and drop or Options menu, ‘Detach Menu’)

4. Communication Tools – Audio set up wizard (cannot hear or speak)- Talk Button (blue microphone)

Cannot hear or speak? – check computer audio level or mute on headset

To give Moderator status to someone else – click on the participants name and the right click to ‘Give Moderator privileges’.

Keys to speaking –

Telephone (click the blue telephone Icon) top of page.

Video – Go to audio and Video panel – preview option

Chat – Back stage are open to Moderators ( not shared with main room or archive) – ‘announcements’ looks like a useful option (if you need to have a break in the session)

5. Individual permissions – click on participant and right click to give options

Collaborate 3

Remove participant – useful to remove participants when you wan to shut down the session

6. Global Permission – enable/disable tools for ALL participants.

If one of your participant is expecting a delay in the webinar:

  • Have a backup communication tool
  • Turn off video
  • Give then time to respond
  • Log out and then back in (refresh can help)
  • Close any bandwidth intensive activities
  • Hardwired vs Wireless connection (hardwire is better)

7. Polling Button

appears when you are a participant – (also you can change your response)

To set up poll as Moderator click on ‘New Page’ and type question

8. Load content (moderator only)

Click ‘Load content’ button

  • Powepoint
  • Whiteboard file –
  • Image files

9. Tool bar options:

Collaboarte 5

10. for further resources:

Collaborate 6