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Started with example whiteboards:

Matching activity:

Col 2 Col 3


Level 1: Slide from pp…

Col 4 Use highlighter/text to correct the text

Level 2: (more time)Take same slide and add checkmarks and x’s

Level 3: (More time in prep) Grab and drop boxes:

Col 6

Basic steps for creating interactive Whiteboard page:

  1. Start with pp or clean whiteboard
  2. Add images, clip art or content created – objects can be resized
  3. save as a wbd file to maintain the interactive quality of the content ….
  4. File – Save – (All pages/current pages/selected pages) – File type ‘Whiteboard Files(*.wbd)

Application Sharing.

Share application for entire desktop – eg share a student’s assignment and make changes in real time – Doing Excel formulas with students

Bb Collaborate Panels will see show (Chat windows etc) …resolution not good

Easier to see just one window eg session plan

Keys to application sharing:

  1. Open the application (not minimised)….’spinning wheel of wonder’
  2. Select the method
  3. Click share

Col 7

Nb. no possibility of sharing sound on application sharing so best to use ‘Web tour’ instead.

Select WebTour – Type in URL – if someone else clicks the ‘follow me’ box they now control the page and change the webpage

Col 8

Summary: Application share/Web Tour

Application share:

  • One person at a time
  • Demo how to perform tasks
  • Demo a website
  • sharing a password protected site

Web Tour

  • All actively participate
  • Tasks independently
  • Accessing multimedia independently

BreakOut Rooms

Potato Activity:

Draw features on a Potato…in different ‘break out rooms’.

To create Breakout rooms:

Tools –  Break Out Rooms –

Configure Rooms: Room Name, Number of rooms Select Distribute options

Moving participants (by Moderators): Drag and drop or right click

File Transfer Library (good for handouts)

Go to Windows tab – select ‘Show File Transfer Library’

Can preload files…and then send them to participants

To load a file:

Select a file – Click/check ‘prompt recipients’…these files will be held temporarily during the session

Plan overview

Desktop application – no internet needed – used to construct activities:

  • Simple: Create whiteboard files offline
  • Organise; Organise content into topics and/or add additional file types
  • Complete: Add actions and /or add multimedia and /or use suggested times.

Two parts to Plan:

  1. Before the session – Design and Create
  2. During the session – Deliver

For further help:

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