Day 1

Great start to day one of #RUL10DoT here at Regent’s university. I posted the first task on the course blog in the morning which was to set up a Twitter account or for those who already had one to update their biography and photo. Subsequently, I’ve had a couple of emails saying people hadn’t received their confirmation emails fro twitter but I think their up and running so I guess all is fine now. Also their has been some discussion about the type of photo to use…should it be a personal shot (on holiday)? and how would this be perceived if the twitter account to be used mainly for work

The #RUL10DoT course was launched with a Twitter workshop on ‘Getting stated with Twitter’ in the morning which I jointly ran with Andy Horton. We had 10 people in the workshop and 4 of them had never used Twitter so by the end of the session they had all set up their accounts. The others had accounts but hadn’t really used them or knew what to Tweet about.

During the workshop we gave a brief overview of Twitter covering:

  • Notifications
  • Discover
  • ‘Me’
  • Search
  • Direct Messages
  • Profile
  • Seding a Tweet
  • Hashtags

We then gave them a pack of cards adapted from Sue Beckingham’s slideshow and asked them to send a Tweet using the course hashtag #RUL10DoT. Their second task was to send a ‘Selfie’ using the Hastag #RULselfie:) Below are a couple of examples:

Michelle Andy Keith

Great selfies and a great start to the course!