The #rul10dot blog has been getting lots of visits over the last few days. In the last blog I did a little experiment and added a poll to the blog post …never done this before

I just asked the simple question ‘What’s your favourite blog’ and gave the respondents some different choices such as Huffingdon Post, Mashable etc and the opportunity to add their on selection. So far 10 people have voted which is not many but it’s really just another was to get the blog page to look a little more interesting and engaging.

In previous posts I’ve added photos and even embedded a YouTube video which don’t take up too much time and are very simple things to do.

I don’t think I’ve got time to do it this time but if (or should that be when) I run the course again I think it would be worth creating some bespoke videos for the course. It wouldn’t take too long to create an introductory video or make a short video explaining some of the activities.

or maybe I could do this before day 10 ..or sooner:)