I have been really pleased with the take up and engagement of staff here at Regent’s Uni who have been on the #RUl10DoT course. I will definitely run it again at a later date.

I’m also thinking about how I could reproduce the format on different topics. One idea is to do a short course on Linkedin, maybe for fewer days, over over a working week and call it ‘5 Days of Linkedin at Regent’s University London’, #RUL5DoL. Keeping short and self contained would appeal to the academics and professional staff in the Uni – I’m sure.

Another idea would be to do a blogging course, again using the same format. This time though because of the nature of blogging I might stretch it over a few weeks, although this will depend on how I structure the content of the course.

Two other areas that could be interesting might be; 1. Using Blackboard or 2. Using Media in Teaching. A short Blackboard course could be of interest to lecturers who know the basics but want to know what else Blackboard can to (enhance their courses). The Media course would also be great for lecturers new to the subject but would also include some practical skills on how to use film in their teaching.

Also I need to think about whether or not to provide some additional face to face workshops if I run any of these courses.

Does anybody have any other suggestions for other short courses?