Here is my first draft for “Interview questions for using ‘Clickers’” (to ask lecturers)

Your details

  1. What course/levels are you teaching?
  2. How many students are there in your classes?


  1. When did you first become ‘aware’ of audience response systems, such as the clickers you used here at Regent’s.
  2. Did you receive any training before you used the clickers with your students

Using ‘clickers for the first time

5. a) How easy was it for you to start building the quizzes in PowerPoint? b) What were the main difficulties you faced when creating a new quiz

6. Can you describe how you have used the clickers with your students?

7. Have you experienced any technical difficulties using Bb?

Staff/Student interaction

8.Do you think that the clickers affect the attendance in your lessons?

9. In your opinion, has the clickers changed the quality of interaction with your students?

10. Has the introduction of the clickers affected your relationship with students


11. Do you think that the clickers enables you to become more or less student-centred in your teaching?

12. Have the clickers affected (or could affect) the way you teach in the classroom?

13. Have the clickers enabled you to support collaborative learning activities in your classroom?


14. Have the clickers affected the way you assess students work?

15. Have you changed the amount of feedback to students since you started using the clickers

16. Do you use the clickers to evaluate how much work the students are doing on your module?

17. Do you use the clickers to identify any students who might be “at risk” on your module?


18. Has the introduction of the clickers changed your overall workload?

Future needs

19. What are future plans to use the clickers in the next academic year?

20. Would you like more training or on-to-one support to develop your use of the clickers in the classroom ? If so, what would you like to develop?

21. Would you like to make any other comments about the clickers?