3 Things I learnt at MELSIG Conference:

1. DIY – Build Your Own App Swap Events. Demonstarted by Fiona Macneil from Brighton UNi. Some great tips about orgaining a staff training session on mobile apps. http://blogs.brighton.ac.uk/elearning/the-team/case-studies/diy-build-your-own-app-swap-breakfasts/. Very similar to our ‘Appstival’ organised here at Regent’s Uni.

2. Nearpod. I’d heard of Nearpod before but never seen it ‘in action’ before (again a great demo from Fiona). This app alows you to create a presentation or activity on an iPad and then share the activity with students in the classroom. Looks great will have to use it in my next next iPad workshop.


3. Notability app. This app allows the user to take notes, draw pictures,  annotate documents, sign contracts, record lectures, and others things I haven’t had time to check out yet.

Good overview of the whole day here at Sussex University TEL blog.

…looking forward to the next MELSIG conference!