This week’s #LTHEchat guest is David Hopkins, eLearning Consultant from Warwick University.

Wednesday 7th October 8-9pm
“This LTHEchat will be as much about blogging as the process of sharing. Do you blog and if so why do you blog? Are you blogging for yourself or for your professional profile? Indeed, is there a difference? Is it for reflection or progress? Join me and the LTHEchat community to share your ideas, experiences,  pleasures, pains, and purpose”

#LTHEchat | The weekly Learning and Teaching in HE chat created by the community for the community – Wednesday 8-9pm
David Hopkins is an experienced and respected eLearning Consultant at The University of Warwick. David has catalogued and reflected on various aspects of his eight year journey as a Learning Technologist and his growth and experiences in his second eBook ‘What is a Learning Technologist?’ (http://bit.ly/whatisLT) and edited and published ‘The Really Useful #EdtEchBook’ (http://bit.ly/EdTechBook) on the exploration and experiences of a Learning Technologists ‘identity’.

You can connect with David on Twitter (@hopkinsdavid), as well as his TEL blog – http://www.dontwasteyourtime.co.uk.