This week Dr Kirsten Jack (@Heijinxs) to explore the use of art in cross-discipline undergraduate education.

Weds. 11th November 8 to 9pm

Use the hashtag #LTHEchat

Kirsten is Senior Lecturer Adult Nursing at Manchester Metropolitan University. “Her contribution to teaching, learning and research is supported by a clinical career in adult nursing where she specialised in primary care nursing, before embarking on her academic career. She is committed to excellence in teaching and learning and was awarded a HEA National Teaching Fellowship and a Manchester Metropolitan University Outstanding Innovation in Teaching Award in 2014. She has a keen interest in pedagogical research specifically the exploration of the use of the arts in nurse education to support nurses’ emotional self-awareness development. She led on the development of a website www.caringwords.mmu.ac.uk which encourages health care professionals to write reflective poetry, as way to explore their thoughts and feelings about clinical practice”.

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