Yay! our Durham Blackboard User Group presentation has been accepted (See below). Has anyone else been using pre-induction modules at their University?

Designing a Pre-Induction Course: Mistakes, Issues and Successes

This presentation will describe and demonstrate the process of setting up a new pre-induction course for undergraduate students at Regent’s University London. We will describe the process of communicating with other departments, changes that occurred during the planning and implementation of the course. The overall aim of the pre-induction course was to provide essential information to our new students and give them more details about the induction process.

The first part of this presentation will describe how we liaised with other departments within the university. We will describe the various mistakes, changes and issues we encountered with the two major stakeholders; Student Registry and Communications.

The second part of the presentation will describe the design for the pre-induction course which will involve a discussion and demonstration of the key objectives of the design process. The demonstration will also give an overview of the pre-induction course highlighting the unique design features, consistency of course design, visibility of ‘integrated software’ and the relationship to the Regent’s brand. The presentation will describe and explain how the changes were made over the duration of the design process. We will also discuss how we developed the different sections of the course; Introduction, Find Us, Are You Ready, Student Information, IT & Learning Resources and Discussion.

The final part of the presentation will give an evaluation of the pre-induction course during its first year of implementation. This evaluation will consist of quantifiable data, number of students engaging in the pre-induction course, learner hours spent on the course, engagement with test tools and staff and student feedback on their experiences with using this course.