Yay second Durham Blackboard User group presentation accepted! All thanks to the awesome @witterquick !

Durham Conference 2016

 The SPECTRE of Blackboard Design

This presentation will demonstrate the significant design enhancements we’ve developed within one of our Blackboard courses. The rationale behind this was to address the failure of many courses to offer an engaging experience to students because they contain little or no visual or dynamic content.  We have attempted to increase the appeal of a Film Studies course (“Topics in Film Studies: License to Thrill, James Bond as Popular Culture”) by seeking to redress the lack of content by redesigning the Blackboard course to be more accessible, intuitive, exciting and have greater amounts and greater variety of content for our students. We will introduce each of our innovations and how we hope these provide greater student (and staff) engagement with the VLE.


Our overall aim was to demonstrate to our teaching staff what they could do to enhance the student experience in their Blackboard courses. We identified our key objectives for the design process, including video content, interactive menus, an array of Blackboard tools, striking visibility of ‘integrated software’, clear identity of a course through themes and embedded social media content.


We will also discuss how we have begun to demonstrate this module across the University and beyond. We have so far demonstrated this at team and faculty meetings and show-and-tell sessions and creating a bespoke training video embedded into our Blackboard Help section.