12AoC Poster 2015

Well week one of 12AoC has been great but a little hectic at times….here are very brief stats about the course after 4 days:

979 have enrolled!!!

431 have completed the pre-course survey.

910 comments on the discussion boards.

Most participants heard about the course from a friend or colleague – 32%

Gender split:  78% Female 19% Male 3%Other/Unanswered

Top 3 locations: United Kingdom 83.063%, Europe (other than UK) 4.64%, Australasia 7.890%

Top 3 areas of employment:  Librarians 47.332%, Lecturers/teachers 26.21%, Learning technologist 12.21%

Biggest age group 36-45, 34.106%

Reasons for doing 12AoC: 36.659%  thought about integrating mobile apps but were not sure how to go about it,

Percentage NOT  taken a course delivered mostly or fully online before, 29.93%

In addition there has been some lively discussion and activity on twitter using the hashtag #RUL12AoC …will report on this at a later date!