I have just been informed that our paper ‘The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: building on success in delivering online CPD with the 12 Apps of Christmas open course’, has been accepted for the the Academic and Research Libraries Group conference (27th to 29th June 2016)  at Aston University. Here is the abstract:

“In 2014, Chris Rowell and Andy Horton of Regent’s University London ran an open online CPD course, the 12 Apps of Christmas. This seasonally-branded course encouraged users to interact with and explore a range of free mobile apps with potential use in higher education (HE). With over five hundred participants worldwide, this was hugely successful and was awarded the 2015 Credo Digital Information Literacy award.

As an open course, licensed under Creative Commons, the 12 Apps inspired others and in December 2015 there were six versions of the course running in the UK and Ireland.

The Regent’s team were keen to build on their success, and again ran the course in 2015. This time they added content, made further use of the skills and knowledge of the library team, and worked in collaboration with learning technologists from other institutions. It attracted over a thousand learners, and was again a success.

In this workshop, Chris and Andy will look at what they have learned from creating a CPD course to engage busy HE librarians and other professionals. They will cover:

  • The use of free mobile technology in teaching and learning
  • How to make online courses relevant and entertaining
  • the practicalities of engaging distance learners and building a community
  • using feedback to develop and continually improve teaching and course creation
  • Developing metrics for gathering data to measure success
  • Collaboration within institutions and across HEIs
  • CPD benefits of online courses for both participants and course instructors


This workshop is aimed at those offering or considering online teaching, or with an interest in CPD, as well as people looking to use mobile technology in their teaching and learning.”