UdemyJust signed up for ‘Seth Godin’s Leadership Workshop‘  – an online course on the Udemy platform

I’m quite interested in this subject (Leadership) but my main reason for doing the course is to check out what the Udemy learning platform looks like. I’ve done quite a few online courses in the past but they have all been free – this course cost £45 (although I found a 30% off coupon online so the actual cast was £31) – it will be interesting to see what you get for the money compare to the free online course I’ve done in the past.

Also the course is not aimed at a academic audience – it seems very general and doesn’t require too much time…which is good:)

The course has 11 sections to it starting with the first section – ‘Leadership is not Management’ – The starts with a short video (3 mins) some brief reading notes from the speakers blog (4 sentences)  and a very short MC quiz (3 questions). Apart from the quiz the main activity for the learner is to complete a notebook once you have watched the video – this can be done on different platforms – I’m aiming to do mine on this blog so the first question we have to address is What is leadership?

One good example of when someone I know who engaged in leadership was a friend of mine, Michelle who has organised a fund raising tea party (this Saturday) to raise money for a Charity called the Eve Appeal. She has organised the event, got local businesses to denote loads of prizes and advertised the event on her Facebook page. Without her leadership the event would not be taking place.

An example of when i chose to lead was my decision to set up and organise an online course at work (called the ’12 Apps of Christmas’). At the time quite a few people were very skeptical of this decision but the course turned out to be a big success. In the end I got my whole team to be involved in the course not through ‘management’ i.e. telling them what to do it or offering incentives or rewards to do it. I think they wanted to be involved because on some level i think they were inspired to be involve with the initiative.

Leadership is definitely a choice, you have to show the way through practice or inspiration – if you do this others will want to follow.

Going forward if leadership is about change the thing I want to instill into my team is a sense of team members being inspired and creative in the their job roles!