What could go wrong

Watched the second video of this course ‘See the end before you begin’ my task then is to write down what I fear could go wrong- what if my leadership journey does not work?

To be honest I’m not really sure what this task is asking me to do!!

So this is my interpretation…if my vision is for “Learning technology at RUL to be used creatively, confidently and effectively for the enhancement of the student learning experience” what could go wrong?

So supporting the student learning experience means lots of things and there is lots of potential for things to go wrong. LT should be there to promote creativity and innovation in learning and teaching – this is often the scariest bit for lecturers if the technology doesn’t work they are going to look pretty stupid in front of their students. Supporting and promoting  the use of technology in assessment is really important to the students. Here too we need to make thing work smoothly and efficiently.

Ultimately its really important that LT has ownership by academics and departments in the university _ myself and my team might set and support the LT systems but without the lecturers taking ownership of these systems little will be done to improves the students learning experience.

…might have missed the point with this week’s task!