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‘Culture defeats everything’ …apparently.

We were asked to consider 3 areas of discussion:

1.What does it mean to do the right thing even when there’s a popular shortcut?

Up until now we have not really had to consider this question in much depth before. If we are making popular shortcuts its usually because they are needed and not necessarily because we are not doing the right thing. However there are maybe occasions where we have done this but they are few and far between and I cant really think of any specific examples.

2. Consider the journey that you and your team are on. Do the ends justify the means? Which means? What’s right and where do you draw the line? Does everyone in your culture draw the line in the same place?

To me personally the ends do not usually justify the means but crucially this depends on the what the ‘ends’ and the ‘means’ are. Obviously this will be different throughout my organisation (like every other organisation) because the culture of the organisation is not equally consistent.

3. What sort of control are you willing to give up to get closer to the your goal?

I would be very will to give up most aspect of control is we got closer to our goals.

…not sure if I’ve really learnt that much by answering these questions!