Selling the dream.

  1. are you telling a story about your goal that resonates with the people who are ready to hear it?

The story I’ trying to tell is that learning tech can really enhance the learning experience for the students. This is a story that does resonate with my team but it has a mixed reception across the university. Amongst the lecturers its a story that some embrace enthusiastically whilst others are less so or even hostile to it. ‘By and large’ the students see learning technology as part of there university life and expect things to be smoothly integrated into their learning experience. For senior managers they too have been supportive and  embedded a ‘blended learning’ approach into the overall strategy of the university.

2. Tell your story four ways, all true, all based on different worldviews, for different audiences.

The vision for the LT team is that we build partnership with the academic staff to provide them with the support they need. The vision for the academics is that LT can help make the teaching and learning more engaging and interesting for both the staff and students.This is especially true for assessment and feedback of the students work. For the students they really like the flexibility that LT can provide. Being able to access their learning resources when they want to, submit and get instant feedback or do they learning in more interesting ways.