3 topics:

1. Who are you following? What does it mean for you to be enrolled in that journey? What commitment are you making and what compromises do you refuse to make? These a re good questions – and its interesting to say that the people I follow are not generally people in the Learning Technology world. I’ve met some good people in SEDA like Prof. Julie Hall and even those people who are into LT like David Walker at Sussex Uni and Keith Smyth at UWS I met through SEDA. I suppose that journey is more than the use of LT but about how LT transforms the student experience of learning and teaching.

2. Now that you have considered the people you’re enrolled with, what would it mean for someone to be enrolled in following you? Are they getting the same satisfaction as you are? Are they making the same commitment? What are they seeking? – The people following me need to grasp that its not just about LT is about the bigger picture – does what we do really make a difference to their learning?  Do they learn more? are students able to access information in a better and more efficient way – do they engage more? Can they be enthusiastic and creative in trying to do this?

3. Think about the C People in your organisation – and then figure out what about their role makes them act like C people? Are there round holes for these people? I don’t really like this term ‘C People’ but I suppose its asking about people who are not on this journey – why ‘they interested in the journey? – what would motivate them and get them inspired?