Last week I went to a short presentation by Lisa Doodson here at Regent’s University on the release of her new book ‘Understanding Stepfamilies. A practical guide for professionals working with blended families’. Lisa approached me on some advise on how to make the session more interactive for the audience and I showed her the classroom voting system we have here at Regent’s called Poll Everywhere.

Reflecting on the event it did make me think about a few things. In some ways its was better than any training workshop we have given on Poll Everywhere. Lisa demonstrating the polling system was a great advertisement for what it can do. We ran through the following questions

  • I am part of a stepfamily (either as a stepparent or stepchild). YES/NO
  • Stepfamilies should be treated in the same way as biological families AGREE/DISAGREE
  • Stepparents should attend events (eg. parents evening, school plays) for their stepchildren AGREE/DISAGREE
  • Stepparents should leave the disciplining of stepchildren to their biological parent AGREE/DISAGREE
  • Younger children find it harder to adjust to stepparents than older children AGREE/DISAGREE

It was interesting looking at the audience (about 50 or so) and seeing all the senior management (Deans, Associate Deans, Programme leaders) using their phones to vote on the questions – we got between 23 and 20 votes for each question, so about half the audience were using the app or texting a response. There is no better way to demo a piece of learning technology then to see it in action!

If you work at Regent’s and want to use Poll Everywhere contact me at rowellc@regents.ac.uk. You can get Lisa’s book on Amazon or direct via publishers McGraw Hill.