Prompt #9 Pick a moment when you’ve led, when the project didn’t work, when there was failure. Tell us what happened and why its personal…and why its not.

Ever since I started at my present University nearly six years ago I’ve ran a weekly show and tell series called ‘Tricks of the Trade’, which is  a short demo of some aspect of technology enhanced learning.  So that’s  11 terms of 10 sessions – 110 completely different topics. This term this the first time I didn’t organise the sessions for the first time and it felt like a failure.

There are some good reasons for this, mainly I’m now in charge of the LT team and have loads more to do but the fact is it hasn’t carried on without my input. This felt very personal, I had put a lot of work into over 5 and half years but it doesn’t seem to have any momentum of its own.

I think the main reason that it failed to run without me is that the ‘Tricks of the Trade’ sessions have moved away form their original conception as being delivered by the teaching staff. As I had less and less time I delivered the sessions myself or quickly asked members of my team to deliver the sessions…as a result it felt disconnected from the teaching staff. If I am to revitalize it again I need to get it organsied with a practitioner, someone who is still teaching and has connection with the real issues faced by teachers on a daily basis.