VLE 36 years ago my university established a new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Blackboard that replaced a semi-official Moodle site. At the time some very basic minimum standards were required for the modules in the VLE. These included a Welcome announcement, a reading list, a module outline and some contact details for the module lecturer. Over the summer I have been asked to revisit these standards and see if they need revising.  Almost certainly they do but I wanted to have a look around at what other universities are doing.

Most universities have a minimum standards for their VLE:

University of Liverpool

University of Brighton

Swansea University

Edge Hill University

York St John University

Surrey University

York University

Aberystwyth University

West Sydney University


Looking at other universities it does raise a number of questions that I need to think about – and maybe get others involved in this discussion:

  1. Should we have a VLE minimum standards (MS) at all?
  2. How closely should the MS be linked to the overall Teaching, Learning and Assessment Strategy of the University.
  3. Do the ME need to be linked to some sort of eLearning framework?
  4. Should it be compulsory or voluntary?
  5. Who should decide on the MS (lecturers, LT manager, Head of Academic Practice, Students)?
  6. How do we enforce a MS?
  7. What do we do if lecturers don’t adhere to it?
  8. How do we encourage its adoption?
  9. Is there a better name for the MS? (Aberystwyth use ‘Required Minimum Presence’)
  10. What value does the VLE bring to the student experience?

TLC2016 – Reviewing Blackboard sites to raise minimum engagment across the institution:

Bristol University’s Module templates:

Blackboard_module_template_metrics (Bristol Uni)